Monday, February 1, 2010

Where is Jenn at Seizing My Day anyway!!??

Hello bloggers! ;) I am not as crazy as you might think I am!!! really!
(though I am a little nuts !)

Seizing My Day is not here! it is at

I have a technical difficulty- for which I apologize! I am a new blogger figuring this world out! My 'real' blog is at - using WordPress rather than blogspot.
I signed up for Blogspot first and decided to keep it to secure the name in case Word Press was too hard for me. And somehow Google friend connect has decided that my 'homepage' is this blogspot address when I leave behind comments on your pages!!! Thank you for following me despite my 'lack of blog' here on blog spot! Please please visit my 'real' blog at and follow me there! I am so excited to see that you all are coming! ;) Thank you! I am looking forward to having you visit my "real" blog now!

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